I just googled ‘those awesome strawberry candies’ and they came up.

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how many episodes was that character in, you ask???

not as many as they deserve

not enough to satisfy me

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I hate making a typo and having someone yell at me for it and it’s like? you obviously knew what I meant?

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How was it being pregnant?
Emma Watson on The Late Show with David Letterman, 25th of March, 2014

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By Paul Condon

"Sherlock Holmes has a cold, cold heart but an insatiable appetite for sex" was the shocking announcement by his former fiance Janine Hawkins. The private detective, who famously faked his own death, proposed to Janine…


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for Maria (thewomvn)

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"some people’s death is even more dangerous than their life. he is one of those people." -raffi
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  I want to reconcile the violence in your h e a r t.

    I want to recognize your beauty is not just a m a s k.

       I want to exorcise the demons from your p a s t.

          I want to satisfy the undisclosed desires in your h e a r t.

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today I was sitting in chemistry and this guy was like ‘do you want to see a picture of the prettiest girl in the world’ and I was like ‘yeah sure whatever’ because i had a headache and wanted him to shut up and he showed me the camera on his phone and I was like haha very funny leave me alone and he was like ‘i’m adorable, aren’t i?’ and i had to spend the rest of the period ignoring him.

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Ok well this is the best photo ever

hands down

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my favourite fruit are reds


shut up its fucking blood orange

#plot twist

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